Q: What is BULL token?
=> A new cryptocurrency was born by fans of the BULLDOG meme community. BULLDOG INU want to build a fun meme chain to spread awareness about animal adoption. We aim to add more value to meme coin, therefore at Bulldog Inu, we have BullChain to change your perspective. BullChain will provide you with rapid transactions, low gas prices, and a lot of launchpad projects in the near future.
Q: How does Bullchain Work?
=> The peculiar feature of the Bullchain is interactivity features that enable a connection with the blockchain. Apart from this, Bullchain is similar to Binance smart chain and other EVM-compatible PoS chains.
Moving your BULL to Bullchain involves a special bridging process that allows you to wrap your BULLs. The wrapping process enables you to create a new token pegged to the value of BULL on Bullchain. For instance, when you wrap 100 BULL using Bullchain’s bridging facility, you will receive 100 wrapped bull (wBULL) on your Bullchain wallet. The wrapped BULL is pegged to the value of BULL and can be easily inter-bridged across both platforms.
Relative to BULL, wBULL on Bullchain can be used for blockchain governance, payment of transaction fees, and as utility tokens on Web3 platforms.
Q: How to Add Bullchain to MetaMask?
=> MetaMask wallet supported wallets for the Bullchain Network at the time of this writing. You can automatically add the Bullchain to your MetaMask Chrome extension by visiting Bullchain's bridge.
Click “Connect wallet” and follow the preceding prompts. Manually add Bullchain network tesnet
Log into your MetaMask, click on the network bar on the top right corner of your wallet and select Add Network from the drop-down.
In the form that pops up, fill in the following accordingly:
Network Name: Bullchain Testnet
RPC: https://testnet.bullchain.org/
ChainID: 1281
Symbol: tBULL
Explorer: https://explorer.bulldoginu.org/
Click save, and Bullchain network can now be accessed via your MetaMask wallet.
Q: How to Use Bullchain?
=> You will first need to bridge your BULL tokens to Bullchain:
Visit the bridging platform. Connect your wallet and choose the desired route for your transaction. Since you are bridging to Bullchain, indicated route should be from $Bull to Bullchain. Click Confirm to reveal the BULL transfer address. Send the amount of BULL you wish to bridge to the provided address. Ensure to send more than 100 BULL. Only BULL should be sent to the BULL address.
Q: Is Bullchain Safe?
=> At blockchain level, Bullchain developers have adopted several protocols and smart contracts to refute attacks by malicious operators and penalize defaulters where possible.
The slashing protocol was deployed to improve the security of the Bullchain via automated disciplinary actions against defaulting validators. The slashing contract will penalize validators for missing blocks or attempting to validate multiple blocks simultaneously. This and other security algorithms ensure that the blockchain functions without security breaches.
However, most of Bullchain’s infrastructures are still in their earliest stage of development and might be prone to instabilities, grave malfunctioning, and exploitation. BULL holders should take time to master the bridging procedure to avoid losing assets to erroneous bridging. Also, endeavor to exercise more caution while interacting with the blockchain’s protocols and platforms built on it.
Q: Is Bulldog Inu Safe?
=> Sure, our project is very safe by the AUDIT, KYC AND SAFU from PINKSALE partners. In particular, we have added a Safu badge to ensure extreme safety. and according to the roadmap, we will continue to audit by Certik when we have 10,000 holders MORE OVER TOKEN WILL BE FOR THE COMMUNITY 35% PRESALE, 15% LIQUIDITY AND 50% BURN TEAM WILL NOT HAVE TOKEN
Q: What is the fee?
=> Every transaction has a 8% fee with 2% for holders, 2% for ecosystem, 2% for dev team, 2% for marketing.