Cross-chain bridges, is a tool designed to solve the challenge of interoperability between blockchains. Bridges have become a necessary component of the blockchain industry because, as it stands, blockchains operate in silos and cannot communicate with one another.
=> BullBridge is a Cross-chain bridge that allows the transfer of crypto assets, tokens or data from one Blockchain to another, which includes layers 1, layer 2, sidechain, childchain.
Bridge mechanism
When you use the bridge, we will lock the number of BULL you want to transfer to wBULL at a public wallet address on the BNB chain network, and we will mint the corresponding number of wBULL that you have transferred when using the Bridge. You can also easily convert from wBULL to BULL with the mechanism that the amount of wBULL will be burned and the amount of BULL (at BNB chain) will be unlocked and returned to your wallet.